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Graduation Giveaway 2019

Promo Mechanics:

• For a minimum purchase amount of Php 10,000 single receipt (on the first purchase), you will be given a promo card.

• You can immediately claim the premium that corresponds to your purchase amount.

• The promo card shall have five (5) tiers with respective premium/s:

1. P10,000 – 29,999.99 – FREE 2pcs of Product T-shirts 2. P30,000 – 49,999.99 – FREE 2pcs of Perri’s Guitar Strap 3. P50,000 – 79,999.99 – FREE 1pc of Manhassett Music Stand or 2pcs Lazer Music Stand 4. P80,000 – 99,999.99 – FREE Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Guitar 5. P100,000 and above – FREE Lazer Keyboard or 1 unit of #Aria Acoustic Guitar.

• The promo card is transferrable.

• You can only avail of the premium of a tier once with every promo card. If your purchase falls under a tier for which the premium has already been claimed, no premium shall be given.

• If you already covered all 5 tiers, you shall be given a new promo card on the 6th purchase.

(Promo runs March 1 – 31, 2019 ONLY)

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