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Soaring from the flames, the MOOER PHOENIX is a homage to modern, German designed metal amps. Punchy, dark lower mids, tight low end and gain on tap. The clean channel goes from crystal clear to crispy crunch. The gain channel provides everything from fat Rock rhythms, Heavy Metal riffs, and searing lead lines.

The ultimate in compact and versatile Californian combos comes to the MOOER MICRO PREAMP range. CALI MK IV re-creates 2 channels from one of the most famous modern-day session player combos. The clean channel is shimmering and bouncy and the gain channel can achieve purring blues tones, grinding crunch, and soaring lead sounds.

The CUSTOM 100 is modeled on a 100Watt, plexi-based, boutique signature amp. The dual channels span a wide range of EQ and gain settings which make this MICRO PREAMP incredibly versatile. The clean channel can achieve both F style American shimmer and UK style warmth. The drive channel is distinctly Classic British with a modern twist that provides a huge gain range. A great all-arounder.

More Product News


DOVYDAS has an exciting new unboxing video for the BLACK TRUCK.

Guided Tour By Scotty from MOOER

Scotty gives you an in-depth overview of the BLACK TRUCK straight from MOOER HQ.


Fusion master Fabio Moreira gives his take on the BLACK TRUCK including detailed demo and overview.

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Taylor introduces the Micro Preamp 005 BROWN SOUND.

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Chandler takes you through the new Amp Models for the GE200.


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