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Microphone A1 Duo

A new generation of condensor Professional Microphones for Studio and Live recording. “Specially designed for all round use, this condensor

PROST8 Salmiéri

PROST8  Salmiéri: 8 piece professional drum mic pack The brand new Claude Salmiéri drum mic pack has been designed to

Ribbon Stereo Lanen (R.S.L)

Warm sound for purists These ribbon mics boast a modern design and exceptional quality at an affordable price. They’re perfect

ST-USB Lanen

Studio mic with audio card. If you take a condenser capsule that has been optimised for vocals and instrument and

STC-3D Ludovic Lanen

A new generation of Professional Microphones dedicated to Studio work. Versatile voice/instrument microphone for studio or for live situations, with

Studio 22 USB

With the new audio interface PRODIPE STUDIO 22, and its Bundle SEQUEL LE 3 +  new Driver ASIO 2 Plug two guitars, or